Where will our first Family Learning Center be?

On the one hand I’ve been anticipating it will be in Watkinsville where I currently live; easier to develop. On the other hand, just yesterday I met a community leader in Wren who has a building that could be used and a community that could really use the services. It’ll be interesting to see how things evolve.

What is a Family Learning Center? Family Learning Centers, a concept developed by Achieve Greater Success, are locations located throughout Georgia where families have positive learning experiences with one another while focusing on school-, family- and community-strengthening concepts and activities. Each center, customized per local need and desire, provides instruction and activities in some or all of the following: Academic, Animals, Baking, Camping, Character Education, Cooking, English as a Second Language, Family Dynamics, Friendship, Gardening, Music, Ping Pong, Sewing. (more to be added over time). Certain centers are sometimes open 24 hours a day, meeting the needs of those who are not available to attend during typical business hours. Textbooks, computer programs and other resources used by the local school system are available, enabling parents to study and learn with their children. Food is available in some centers, prepared and served by local citizens, including youth, providing valuable on-the-job training and earning opportunities.