Where Things Are At This Point

Some neat history is in the making!

We (me and my at this time, one board member, Dr. Michael Holosko), have some heavy duty planning to do. Besides further developing and then beginning implementation of our sustainability plan, some key things we need to plan around include:

March 2013 – I will attend the International TESOL Convention in Dallas, Texas.
TESOL= Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Oct 2013 – I will attend the 2013 Georgia TESOL conference in Atlanta.
I have to write an article for the GATESOL newsletter and present about my March 2013 trip at this conference. I say “have to” because presenting at the GATESOL conference is one of the criteria for accepting the grant I received from GATESOL to pay to attend the international conference. I have not historically been comfortable with public things, but because I want to do a really good job at this, I will find ways to get over that. I want my article and presentation to be really good experiences – to not only be about the international convention, but to also be highly meaningful for ALL ESOL teachers and families in Georgia and north Florida, which is the scope of Achieve Greater Success’s populations.

Oct 2014 – I will attend the 2014 GATESOL conference in Athens, home of the University of Georgia, from where I obtained my master’s degree in Nonprofit Management. I will be remaining in this area for a few years and want to present at this, highlighting all that will have developed for Achieve Greater Success by that point.

As I said, some neat history is in the making!