2010  Nonprofit status received; Alpharetta
2008  Name registered; Roswell
2002  Idea conceived; Darien

Recipients of Service
2017 (Aug-Dec)
2017  (Jan-July) Men at and released from the Northwest RSAT Center, a 9-month residential substance abuse treatment program of the Georgia Department of Corrections; Adairsville, Athens, Blue Ridge, Cumming, Lafayette, Rock Spring, Royston, Winder
2016  English language learning adults, a struggling elementary school child, and past and present students of the Education Program at NWRSAT; Alpharetta, Rock Spring, Lafayette
2015  English language learning adults; Alpharetta
2014  Incarcerated and released women; Atlanta, Bainbridge, Hartwell, Jesup, Summerville

2013  English language learning children and youth; Watkinsville
2011-12  English language learning children; Athens
2010  English language learning children and parents and non-English language learning children and youth; Sandy Springs

Greater Detail
2002 – While teaching 3rd grade, founder, Linary Kingdon, felt many of her students needed more help than she could give during the school day. She knew most of the families could not afford after-school tutoring and concluded that if she started a nonprofit organization she could secure funding to help cover the costs. She began applying for 501(c)3 status but due to the rigors of her job and being a single mother, did not complete the process.

2008-2010 – While teaching ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) to both children and adults, Linary again saw the need for additional help – this time, mainly to help the parents of her students improve English skills, better understand the school curriculum and integrate more fully in the community. She registered the name with the Georgia Secretary of State, took nonprofit courses from Troy University, and with the help of Troy classmate, Tamiko Leverette, applied for and received 501(c)3 status for Achieve Greater Success. Achieve Greater Success’s first programs were provided in the historic Sharon Community Church in Sandy Springs. The programs were: 1) Afterschool tutoring to elementary children in preparation for the CRCT, 2) English classes for limited English speaking parents, 3) Training to teens on how to assess and tutor limited English proficient individuals and 4) Assessment and tutoring in English, reading and math to limited English proficient children and parents – provided by teens trained in the previous program.

2011-2012 – Desiring to increase Achieve Greater Success’s effectiveness, Linary attended UGA’s Institute for Nonprofit Organizations and obtained a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management She simultaneously provided a music program for latino children and youth in Athens.

2013-2014 – Not yet being successful at fundraising and needing to work to keep her bills paid, Linary accepted a position with the Georgia Department of Corrections, teaching GED and ABE classes at Whitworth Women’s Facility in Hartwell. Linary was impressed with the intelligence, caring nature, abilities and desire of many to live healthier, crime-free lives and be better mothers after release. Linary resigned from her GDC job and via Achieve Greater Success, created and provided pilot programs in goal setting, problem solving and healthier living to incarcerated and newly-released women.

2015-2016 – Having used her personal funds and credit for the pilot programs in 2014, Linary spent these years recovering financially, determined to move forward with greater wisdom. She returned to working for the Georgia Department of Corrections in 2016, teaching ABE & LRR (Literacy/Remedial Reading) classes at the Northwest RSAT Center in Rock Spring. (RSAT=Residential Substance Abuse Treatment). Linary was impressed with the speed at which the men progressed toward getting their GEDs and wanted to help them progress even further. Needing more time and flexibility to gather and provide information regarding pursuing further education after release, as well as help develop a Career Center, following advanced planning, she resigned from her GDC job, sold her home, paid off all her bills, traveled a bit, and began providing services at NWRSAT via Achieve Greater Success.

2017 – Planning for improved progress and productivity