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How NEAT is THIS??

Left to right: Merrilee (Board Member) Linary (CEO) Stephanie (Intern)

In 2010, we began providing our first literacy programs in the basement of the historic Sharon Community Church in Sandy Springs. One of the programs taught teenage girls how to assess and tutor English language learners. Another of the programs then utilized those same teens in assessing and tutoring elementary-age English language learners. The mother of two of the teenagers even pitched in and tutored mothers of the young children!

Now 7 years later in 2017, we are again utilizing one of those former teens as an intern – only this time she is a senior at Brigham Young University-Hawaii and will graduate in 3 months. Stephanie Monroy-Leon, a Johns Creek High School graduate, recently returned to Johns Creek with her husband, Chase Minter, of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Stephanie’s and my (Linary Kingdon, CEO of Achieve Greater Success) main focus in this internship is to develop products to help 3rd graders score higher on the math portion of the end-of-year Milestones assessment. We are developing products and services that will help parents better understand the 3rd grade math standards so they can better help their children strengthen their knowledge and skills in math.

One of the things we are most excited about is that in addition to creating English versions of our products and services, we are utilizing Stephanie’s native language to also create Spanish versions.

How NEAT is all of THAT?!?!

ps: A video clip from our 2010 program:

Achieve Greater Success has set a LASER FOCUS.

In August 2017, Achieve Greater Success Founder and CEO, Linary Kingdon, attended a meeting of the Bartow Collaborative. She was impressed with the number and quality of service-oriented individuals and organizations in the area.

At the meeting a presentation was given on the GetGeorgiaReading initiative. Given Linary’s background as a teacher in elementary schools and prisons, she easily saw the importance of this program and determined that Achieve Greater Success will support and promote the GetGeorgiaReading initiative and/or other positive educational efforts in Bartow County.

Only 5 months left!!!!

Yep, 5 months until 2017 is over.  SO MUCH can be done in those 5 months!!! We have been working hard behind the scenes and some things are coming together, while we are having to be patient regarding others. Check back periodically. One day you will even start seeing photos and videos.

June 26 and July 22 @ the Alpharetta Public Library, 10 Park Plaza

Please join us for two highly meaningful events:

Monday, June 26, 4pmInformation session regarding 3 important topics:
1) The past, present and future of faith- and character-based programs in Georgia’s prisons
2) Two programs of the Georgia Department of Community Supervision: Healing Communities and I Choose Support
3) Breaking Georgia’s school to prison pipeline

Saturday, July 22, 4pm – Screening of a 45-minute documentary that confronts how people released from prison continue to pay for the mistakes of their past while still holding out hope for the future. The film screening will be followed by a 30-minute Q&A discussion with some of the men and women featured in the documentary. For more info, see RELEASED.

Life After NWRSAT

We changed the name of the program, “Continuing Education After NWRSAT” to “Life After NWRSAT”.

What we found is that though obtaining a GED while incarcerated, as well as pursuing further education after release, were GDC teacher, turned volunteer (and Achieve Greater Success Founder and CEO), Linary Kingdon’s priorities, experience/reality showed that housing and employment were the men’s higher priorities after release.

Yes, after being in school and experiencing success while incarcerated, they had more confidence in their academic abilities and belief that they could create better futures for themselves and families, however, they also had to face the reality that they had to have secure, stable housing, which usually meant they had to have a decent paying job in order to maintain that housing. Then add to that the financial responsibilities for supporting their families, while also paying off fines and other obligations. IT’S A MIRACLE MORE DON’T RETURN TO PRISON BECAUSE OF THE CARDS STACKED AGAINST THEM, THAN DO!!!!

We need to figure out how to help released men and women BOTH work AND continue their education….especially those who were not able to complete their GED while serving their time.

We have additional data to share regarding our Life After NWRSAT program and will do so in the near future. (4/5/17 edit: It won’t be the near future because too many things are happening too fast (thankfully, mostly good things). We will post it when we can.)

Continuing Education After NWRSAT

We have been developing and implementing a program, CONTINUING EDUCATION AFTER NWRSAT, at the Northwest Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Rock Spring, Georgia. Below is the current status.

Purpose: To guide men toward further education after release so they can obtain improved employment and better contribute to their families and communities in healthy, productive ways.

Target population: Men in and released from the Education Program at NWRSAT

Active participants: 7

# released each month: Nov (1), Dec (2), Jan (4)

Ages: 19, 21, 25, 27, 29, 33, 33

Education status: 2 obtained their GED, 2 need one test to finish their GED, 1 needs two tests to finish his GED, 2 are still ABE students (Adult Basic Education – below 9th grade level in math, reading and/or language)

Counties returned to:  Barrow, Clarke, Fannin, Forsyth, Gordon, Hart, Walker

Towns returned to:  Adairsville, Athens, Blue Ridge, Cumming, Lafayette, Royston, Winder

Technical colleges in their areas:  Athens Tech, Lanier Tech, GA Northwestern Tech, North GA Tech