Monthly Archives: August 2017

Achieve Greater Success has set a LASER FOCUS.

In August 2017, Achieve Greater Success Founder and CEO, Linary Kingdon, attended a meeting of the Bartow Collaborative. She was impressed with the number and quality of service-oriented individuals and organizations in the area.

At the meeting a presentation was given on the GetGeorgiaReading initiative. Given Linary’s background as a teacher in elementary schools and prisons, she easily saw the importance of this program and determined that Achieve Greater Success will support and promote the GetGeorgiaReading initiative and/or other positive educational efforts in Bartow County.

Only 5 months left!!!!

Yep, 5 months until 2017 is over.  SO MUCH can be done in those 5 months!!! We have been working hard behind the scenes and some things are coming together, while we are having to be patient regarding others. Check back periodically. One day you will even start seeing photos and videos.