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Educational things in Georgia

On Monday, August 14, 2017, I attended an event hosted by the Bartow County Chamber of Commerce. It was called, “Governmental Affairs Meeting”. I am SOOOO GLAD I called the previous week and learned that Richard Woods, State Superintendent of Schools, was going to be the speaker!!!! Furthermore, I am glad I was available to attend, something I am not able to do when I am a teacher in a school or prison or have most other types of jobs.

I found out ahead of time that Supt Woods had written an article on the inside last page of the current issue of the new Freedom & Opportunity Magazine, so read it to get up to speed on what’s happening in the education arena in Georgia.

During the question and answer time I asked a question regarding the high poverty and drug problem in Bartow County. I had learned about it prior to moving to the area, partially from times in the past when I would visit my daughter and grandson, partially from working with incarcerated people who were from the area (2 of my best aides when teaching in prisons came from Cartersville; 1 female and 1 male), and partially from much I have learned since moving here.

It is very interesting and something that will keep my attention for awhile. (Hopefully, I won’t be killed in the near future for digging into and trying to improve things in sensitive areas. Guess we’ll see.)

Here’s a link about Monday’s event:

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Only 5 months left!!!!

Yep, 5 months until 2017 is over.  SO MUCH can be done in those 5 months!!! We have been working hard behind the scenes and some things are coming together, while we are having to be patient regarding others. Check back periodically. One day you will even start seeing photos and videos.