Monthly Archives: February 2017

Life After NWRSAT

We changed the name of the program, “Continuing Education After NWRSAT” to “Life After NWRSAT”.

What we found is that though working toward and obtaining a GED while incarcerated, as well as pursuing further education after release, were GDC teacher, turned volunteer, Linary Kingdon’s priorities, reality showed that housing and employment were the men’s highest priorities.

We need to figure out how to help the guys (and women) both work AND continue their education….especially those who were not able to complete their GED while serving their time.

We have additional data to share regarding our Life After NWRSAT program and will do so in the near future. (4/5/17 edit: It won’t be the near future because too many things are happening too fast (thankfully, mostly good things). We will post it when we can.)