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God, Youth & Felons: We Need Your Help

I hope you enjoy reading my first book(let). Click on the link below to read. Please note that in the booklet it says something about profits from sales going to Achieve Greater Success. I since changed my mind and it’s free. I have much more to tell about. One of these days I’ll find the time to do so.

Oh yeah, and I don’t think I ever explained why I titled this booklet what I did. It’s because:

#1) Those who believe in God believe He is capable of doing incredible things. (Though He will not override mankind’s free agency.)

#2) Today’s youth are incredibly intelligent, talented and capable of accomplishing phenomenal things.

#3) Many in prison have extremely high intelligence and are the very ones who understand why crimes occur. Getting their help to solve society’s problems is an excellent idea.


Linary Kingdon
Educator & Founder of Achieve Greater Success

2017 – We are ready for you!!!


Put your seat belts on and get ready. We are happy to report our founder is learning to slow down so we will soon start getting the benefits of more structured planning and implementation. Happy end of 2016 and Happy 2017 (just a little early).