Monthly Archives: January 2015

Women Positively Influencing Others

Women who are willing to not only change from illegal to legal and morally upstanding attitudes and behaviors, but will then work with us and others in helping positively influence others, including younger generations, will be our organization’s best and brightest successes!!!

I got a call 2 nights ago from a former ABE/GED student from when I taught at Whitworth Women’s Facility. She returned home to Marietta a few months ago and is now working 2 jobs, saving money to buy a car and get into her own place, and is ready to get back into school to get her GED. Some people DO get it and DO want to improve their lives.

I’m working with others, some progressing better than others.¬†One of my main focuses: Obtaining funding so I can be paid to do this very meaningful work and return to doing it full-, or at least, part-time. I’m much better at working for money than just asking for it, hence my 2 other jobs…but if anyone (individual, couple, family, and/or business) is interested in donating to this very valuable work, your donation will be tax deductible.

You can either contact me directly or push the donate button on our website.

Thanks, and Happy New Year (2015), World!!!

Linary Kingdon
Founder/Executive Director