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Delivered signs to be decorated by area families that they’ll hold as they ride on our 1st ever float in the Athens Christmas Parade. Progress is good!!!

A nice thought…

I heard a phrase today I really like. It was in the movie, Black, the story of Helen Keller, made by Indian film makers, with minor variations of the original story. “It was the beginning of a new life…a new feeling, a new horizon. You had faith in me…and I had faith in my wings.”


New Idea!!

3:30am….That’s when it came!! An idea I think is phenomenal and that I will further pursue. It involves a collaboration between The University of Georgia and Georgia State University. You’ll have to wait until I talk to a couple key people and make sure they’re open to it before I tell you more. Actually, come to think of it, it could be a collaborative effort between ANY universities. Maybe the insistence of my 3rd grade teacher that I read more wasn’t in vain after all. It was extremely hard to find books that held my interest….and I definitely didn’t like fat books; they took too long to read. But I did read several biographies about certain types of people, as well as books about animals. I think the things I learned from the people and how they persevered are finally….and I mean FINALLY, since I’ve already been trying to accomplish what  I’m FINALLY accomplishing, after ALL THESE YEARS.  Needless to say, I’m excited!!!!!! To see a copy of the float at this stage, take a look at my facebook wall of today’s same date. Linary Wigg Kingdon


I tried to be independent and not contact HostGator, my website’s host. They are always so wonderful when I call, and EXTREMELY helpful, but I thought I’d try it by myself. I experimented with site and ended up making changes I’m not happy with. I’m now out of time to work on it any longer and don’t know how to put it back to how it used to be. Ugh!!!! Hope the rest of my day will be better.

Where will our first Family Learning Center be?

On the one hand I’ve been anticipating it will be in Watkinsville where I currently live; easier to develop. On the other hand, just yesterday I met a community leader in Wren who has a building that could be used and a community that could really use the services. It’ll be interesting to see how things evolve.

What is a Family Learning Center? Family Learning Centers, a concept developed by Achieve Greater Success, are locations located throughout Georgia where families have positive learning experiences with one another while focusing on school-, family- and community-strengthening concepts and activities. Each center, customized per local need and desire, provides instruction and activities in some or all of the following: Academic, Animals, Baking, Camping, Character Education, Cooking, English as a Second Language, Family Dynamics, Friendship, Gardening, Music, Ping Pong, Sewing. (more to be added over time). Certain centers are sometimes open 24 hours a day, meeting the needs of those who are not available to attend during typical business hours. Textbooks, computer programs and other resources used by the local school system are available, enabling parents to study and learn with their children. Food is available in some centers, prepared and served by local citizens, including youth, providing valuable on-the-job training and earning opportunities.

Just Joined Oconee Chamber of Commerce

I look forward to valuable networking! Update on Nov 30. Things happen FAST around here!!! I’m meeting so many neat people at warp speeds. FABULOUS!

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We Need School Reform

Some aspects of public schools, in Georgia, as well as throughout our entire nation, have needed reform for quite some time. Here are a few good resources to consider:



The 8th Habit; author: Stephen R Covey
The Element and Out of Our Minds; author: Ken Robinson

More focus is needed on:
–helping children and youth develop healthy self-esteems
–helping children and youth learn to make good choices
–helping children and youth contribute to their communities in healthy, productive ways

Where Things Are At This Point

Some neat history is in the making!

We (me and my at this time, one board member, Dr. Michael Holosko), have some heavy duty planning to do. Besides further developing and then beginning implementation of our sustainability plan, some key things we need to plan around include:

March 2013 – I will attend the International TESOL Convention in Dallas, Texas.
TESOL= Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Oct 2013 – I will attend the 2013 Georgia TESOL conference in Atlanta.
I have to write an article for the GATESOL newsletter and present about my March 2013 trip at this conference. I say “have to” because presenting at the GATESOL conference is one of the criteria for accepting the grant I received from GATESOL to pay to attend the international conference. I have not historically been comfortable with public things, but because I want to do a really good job at this, I will find ways to get over that. I want my article and presentation to be really good experiences – to not only be about the international convention, but to also be highly meaningful for ALL ESOL teachers and families in Georgia and north Florida, which is the scope of Achieve Greater Success’s populations.

Oct 2014 – I will attend the 2014 GATESOL conference in Athens, home of the University of Georgia, from where I obtained my master’s degree in Nonprofit Management. I will be remaining in this area for a few years and want to present at this, highlighting all that will have developed for Achieve Greater Success by that point.

As I said, some neat history is in the making!