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The VOGACY Project


Voices of Georgia’s Children & Youth

The VOGACY Project will integrate concepts and funding from multiple sources, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship in children and youth in Georgia and north Florida. Participants’ interests and strengths will be nurtured, with a focus on helping those who so desire, generate an income. The VOGACY Project will be student-driven, utilizing adult supervision and guidance as needed. Hunter Yanagiya, a student at the College of Coastal Georgia, will serve as a Young Adult Advisor under the direction of Linary Kingdon, Program Manager and Founder of Achieve Greater Success.

Progress of The VOGACY Project will be covered via our website, Facebook page, and other media.

One of the first things needed is funding and/or pro bono assistance to enhance our current website, create print materials to market the program, and purchase materials, such as copies of Steven R. Covey’s book, The 8th HabitIn addition to input from program participants, concepts used will come from:

Stephen R. Covey

Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker

Paul Torrance

Biz Kid Academy

The String Project

Financial literacy materials source not yet determined